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Electronic dendrometers are used to continuously record changes in the size of different parts of plants (e.g. trunks, branches, roots, and herbaceous plants). Micrometer-accurate dendrometer data combined with sap flux measurements provide valuable insight into growth dynamics and plant water status.

The wide range of application, reliability and low maintenance, as well as extremely low power consumption make Ecomatik dendrometers a versatile and cost-effective tool in ecological research and agriculture.

DR3 low power Dendrometer
DR 3 2.png

Radius Dendrometer (DR Series)

Low power, high accuracy, dendrometer for monitoring changes in plant radius.

Radius Dendrometer specs.png

Diameter Dendrometer (DD Series)

Simple installation dendrometer for monitoring stem, branch, or tree diameter from 0-30cm

Diameter Dendrometer Specs.png

Vertical Dendrometer (DV Series)

Continuous monitoring of vertical changes in trees in short term (water status) or long term (wind, snow load, or fruit load) installations. 

Vertical Dedrometer Specs
Circumference Dendrometer.jpg

Circumference Dendrometer (DC Series)

Designed for outdoor long term circumference measurements. DC1 measures tangentially, DC3 and DC4 measure radially.

Circumference Dendrometer Specs
Fruit Dendrometer.jpg

Fruit Dendrometer (DF Series)

Multiple variations on a high precision dendrometer for easy and accurate measurements of a variety of fruits.

Fruit Dendrometer Specs
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