Making your research affordable

East 30 Sensors manufactures and sells innovative sensors for biophysical research, in conjunction with Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

East 30 Sensors started in 1995 when Bryan and Karine Wacker bought the rights to Soiltronics' (previously owned by Kees Calissendorff) sensors: the Thermal Conductivity Sensor, Specific Heat Sensor, and Sap Flow Sensor. East 30 Sensors allows Karine to continue to use her skills as an engineer and stay at home with her children (Kahlin, at 2, could often be found with his tools "making needles").

KARINE received her BSME from Washington State University. She has work experience with Decagon Devices, Inc. and Campbell Scientific, Inc., working in both marketing and engineering.

BRYAN received his MAFL from Washington State University in May 1995. He has worked as an aircraft mechanic and laboratory technician in a soil physics lab. He currently works for Meter Group Inc. as the Civil and Geotechnincal  Market Manager.

PATRICK received his degree in Management Information Systems.  He has managed IT, Accounting, Inventory and  prototyping in the machinery manufacturing industry.  

KAHLIN has multiple years experience working in the METER Group R&D lab. He develops and designs new sensors and test them in the lab and field - in his spare time he is a student at Utah State and works in the Bugbee lab. 

JENNABEE has multiple years experience in the METER Group R&D lab and has focused on new sensors and methods of measuring thermal properties. She currently spends most of her time studying and snowboarding at USU in Logan, UT. 

HENDRIK is a part-time employee and a full-time electrical engineering student at WSU who enjoys all things electronic besides his analog bike. He has done extensive work on the deep temperature sensor, and is working to take East 30 forward into new ways of data collection. 

CECILY earned a degree in accounting from BYU. She has worked for East 30 since completing her degree, and generally does her best to keep everyone on track. 

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