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Water use in Herbaceous Plants

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Water use is a big question in agriculture today and it depends on how much water enters the plant, how much is used, and how much is lost through transpiration. This complex relationship is difficult to measure in the field, but Sap Flow is easily found and correlated with water usage and plant health.

Measuring Sap Flux in Plants

Herbaceous Sap Flow Meters by East 30 Sensors

At East 30, we want to help you find the solutions to your water use questions. So, we created a sap flow sensor that can be used in stems as small as 1 cm in diameter.

Testing and verification

Below is a graph showing data collected in Rhubarb stalks with the SF3H over a three day period, during which there were no rain events. The sensor shows the increase in sap flow during the day, which peaks at solar noon. The night time flows are zero or slightly negative as the water moves back down the stem.

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