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Simple, sturdy, and precise Heated Needle Anemometer


  • Wind speed monitoring in greenhouses

  • Point wind speed determination

  • Wind speed determination in all types of plant canopies

  • Low wind speed monitoring


  • Range: 0 to 15 m/sec

  • Accuracy: ±20 cm/s

  • Dimensions: Head is 25 x 13 x 13 mm, Needle is 60mm x 1.27mm diameter

  • Temperature Sensor: 10K Precision Thermistor

  • Material: Epoxy and Delrin Head, stainless steel needle

  • Cable length: 2m standard (additional cable length available upon request)


The East 30 Sensors anemometer uses a durable configuration with a stainless steel needle. To take a measurement, a baseline temperature is recorded, followed by a precisely timed heating step, during which temperature is recorded. The difference is then taken between the baseline temperature and the final temperature. By using the same heating time and monitoring the change in temperature, wind speed can be calculated.

What you need

​This anemometer is very simple and robust, requiring only simple programming for use with a Campbell Scientific Data logger. 

In the Package

Calibrated easy to use anemometer, needing only a simple program to run with a CSI data logger. This anemometer is accurate over a large range, from 0-15 m/sec, requires no further calibrations, and is not sensitive to wind direction. Sample programs for use with Campbell Scientific Dataloggers are available upon request.

Selected Publications

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